Build Websites for Customers

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we are pleased with our self-made success—and we should always be! It takes determination and grit to achieve success in business. Is your business website working as hard as you do? Most small businesses have poor websites that don't help much in generating new leads and bringing sales. Business owners often miss the point when analyzing their website. Why? Because they focus on their own business, what they do and how they are qualified. Most small business websites rarely talks about how customers will benefit. For success, you need to make customers happy. You need to tell them that your business is all about your customers and their well being. You need to make it loud and clear how your customers benefit. 1. Use empathy-based marketing: Empathy-based marketing means thinking like your customers, and putting yourself in their shoes. Think like your customer. What would make your customer happy? That's how you need to act. It'